An integral part of the life of modern man is the constant disposal of hot water. However, there are a lot of the factors, which can make their negative adjustments to the solution of economic issues. Among them are preventive work, all kinds of accidents and the lack of the required utilities. In such a case the installation of an electric heater can be the right solution.


Types and features of electric water heaters

Electrical devices nowadays are in high demand because of their affordable price, easy installation and use. However, in this case also should be taken into account their price.

Nowadays there are a few types of these devices.

Tankless water heater

This device consists of the case, heating element, fuses, and also pressure and temperature sensors. In this device, the heating tank is made in the form of a narrow tube, passing through which the water is heated to the necessary temperature. The use of instantaneous water heater does not require the installation of a separate mixer. And the installation of the device can be done even by a person without special skills.

Tankless water heater is very compact. It heats the water very quickly, and also doesn’t limit the user in the amount of hot water (it heats the entire flow inside due to the lack of an accumulation tank).

The only disadvantage of such devices is the consumption of large amounts of energy. Also, the tankless water heater has shorter period of operation than other types of heaters.

Pressure and non-pressure tankless water heaters

These are 2 types of these devices:

  • pressure;
  • non-pressure.

In first case there is a complex structure and high price. They are installed into a pipe and can provide with the hot water a few points at once. Second one is able to provide only one points with hot water, for which it’s also necessary to install a thermostatic mixer.

Tankless water heaters heat cold water, which goes into the heating element. The greater the power, the higher is the temperature of heating water and the greater is the capacity of energy consumption. That’s why such devices are not recommended for use in houses and apartments with old wiring.

Nowadays it’s possible to buy tankless water heaters with variable control modes:

hydraulic system (the device has a simple structure and a small set of settings);
electronic system (for control is used microprocessor, and in case of overheating the device is turned off).
The price of a tankless water heaters depends on the model. Heaters with electronic system of controlled are more expensive, but they are more convenient to use.

Tank water heater

This type of water heaters is reliable and easy to use. They are perfect for installation on objects, where there is a need in a large amount of hot water. Such equipment is able to provide the owner with up to 1000 liters of hot water, so it takes a lot of space. Tank water heaters consist of heating element and the magnesium anode, the control panel, the thermostat and a tank.

The price of tank water heaters is much higher than of tankless models. Such equipment consumes less energy and does not require a special connection, if its capacity does not exceed 3 kW.

For a long and stable operation of the device are necessary the following conditions:

  • grounding;
  • reducer, that compensates too high pressure;
  • safety valve;
  • non-return valve, created to block the discharge of water.

In some cases, the listed components must be bought additionally.

Tank water heaters accumulate water in a thermos tank and keep its temperature at the required level. If to make the device work at maximum power, it will lose its working capacity very fast. In order to prolong the period of use of the device, the operating temperature should not exceed 60 ° C. The device will automatically turn off when the temperature is maximum, and as soon as the water cools, it turns on again.

When the boiler is not in uses, the water from the tank must be drained.

Tanks of this type can be electronic or mechanical. In case of unstable voltage in the network, it is recommended to choose the second version of the device.

Combined water heaters

This type of equipment is rather rare in use. Such water heaters are connected to a central heating system or an autonomous boiler, as a result of what occurs indirect heating of the coolant. In summer time, when the heating is turned off, the water is heated by heating elements. Because of some peculiarities of work, such systems are the most used in private houses.

The combined models are supplemented with a control panel and a thermostat that regulates the temperature in the “winter – summer” mode. In the first case, the temperature is regulated by controlling the operation of the circulating pump, and in the second case by controlling the operation of the heating element.

Bulk water heaters for summer house

This is a great variant of equipment for summer house, in which there is no running water. Bulk water heaters are equipped with heating elements, a crane, as well as a storage tank. The volume of the tank is small (only 5 to 20 liters), and the water supply to the device is carried out manually.

Bulk water heaters are quite variable. Usually they are presented in the form of a cabinet with built-in sink and drainage tank. Also there are models with a shower.

The device consumes small amount of energy, and it’s work is regulated manually. In some models there is a system of protection against overheating.

How to choose a water heater for the apartment and house

In order not to make a mistake, in the process of choosing equipment should be taken into consideration the following parameters:

  • Tank volume. Usually one person uses 50 liters of water per day. In large houses is used equipment up to 1000 liters;
  • Heating element. It’s recommended to choose models with “dry” heating element. Such devices have a longer period of operation;
  • Heating rate. Foe devices with large volume it will take more time on heating;
  • Heat insulation indicators. The greater the insulation, the more economical is the device:
    Power supply capabilities. They must match the equipment needs;
  • The presence of anti-corrosion coating (enamel, glass, stainless steel, titanium coating). It’s necessary for protection of the internal surface from scale.

It is also necessary to compare the dimensions of the equipment with the space for its installation.

Correct assessment of the operational characteristics of the device, the existing household needs and the capacity of the power grid will allow you to choose the most suitable model of water heating device.

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