In the conditions when there is no stable supply of hot water, modern water heaters, which are able to provide comfort in any room, are in the high demand. Here we offer a brief overview of the 10 the most popular models.

Thermoflow UT10

is an electric mini-tank heater, which can accumulate up to 10 liters of water for fast supply of hot water. It can be used both as the main source of water heating and as an additional one. Despite the fact, that it has low power consumption, it provides maximum water saving. Additionally, there is a built-in active protection circuit for safe installation and protection against overheating. The tank is made from stainless steel.

EZ Tankless

is a portable water heater, which weighs only 6.8 kg. It’s perfect decision for camping, hunting, fishing, in the buildings, situated outside the city, where there is need for the hot water. It’s working characteristics and capabilities are tested in the US lab. The device is easy to use and install, and it provides a continuous supply of hot water. For saving energy there is used an automatic ignition, which is activated by two “D” type batteries.

Gasland Used BE158S

is a device with built-in enhanced security system. In the heater there is freezing and overheating protection, so it will automatically reduce the water pressure in case of such need. Quick drainage of the remaining water to avoid freezing in cold places or during long-term operation is provided by antifreeze drain system. There is automatically shut off of the gas supply in case of accidental ignition. The construction is compact and light.

Tankless Water Heater, Gasland Used AS150 is a compact water heater with an original design. It’s adjustable for carrying. With the help of it it’s possible to provide hot showers in the trip. This tankless water heater is suitable for the bathe of pets in the open air. It can be installed just for a few minutes, with the help of a mounting bracket located on the back of the gas appliance. The gadget works without pre-heating, and hot water begins to flow immediately after the opening of faucet. Fully adjustable heat and water flow.

EZ Ultra HE

is a high-performance tankless condensing unit for heating water. The kit includes a device to prevent reverse thrust, as well as a horizontal ventilation pipe. The model efficiently provides constant water heating. It’s perfect for use for people, who live in the houses with one or two baths. It works in economy mode, automatically turning off after closing the tap.

PrecisionTemp RV-550

is specifically designed for SUVs, trailers, small houses, cabins, mobile sinks and other small spaces. It takes not much place and has small weight. The VariFlame technology, developed, assembled and tested in the USA in special laboratories is reliable, and went through proven control system.

Tengchang 10L 2.6 GPM

is a water heater with automatic ignition system and fire protection. It is equipped with a water-gas combination unit, equipped with protection against overheating and high pressure. It’s possible to use it any time of the year without electric supply. The heat exchanger and the main burner are working with the use of advanced energy-saving and combustion technologies, with reduced gas consumption and burning noise. It works even with low water pressure, and perfect for use by residents of the upper floors of high-rise buildings.

Duoetto MK2 Dual Voltage

is a model, developed in Australia. It offers water temperature from 30 to 75 degrees, as well as a fixed temperature of about 70 degrees. Thus, the owner of the water heater can take a shower, cook, use hot water for any purpose at any time of the day. In this heater there is an automatic voltage switching function from 12 V to 240 V and vice versa. The device has a compact size (40.9 cm x 26.2 cm x 26.7 cm). Warranty – 1 year.

Tengchang 3.2 GPM

works on natural gas. The capacity of the water heater is 12 liters per minute, the heat output is 16 kW. It has a copper water tank, as well as a high-quality stainless steel panel. It’s equipped with a short cold water pipeline and a long hot water pipeline. In the device there is an automatic ignition system, and a function of flame protection. Additionally, there is a system of protection against overheating and pressure drops. It does not require power from the electrical network.

TC-Home 4.8GPM

is a perfect energy-saving solution. The heat exchanger and the main burner of this water heater operate on a modern energy-saving system. Thanks to the built-in water control valve, the machine starts the heater even at a low water pressure. There is an enhanced security system with automatic collector protection and automatic shutdown of gas supply for emergency case.