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For regular and efficient work both tank and tankless water heaters require regular maintenance and proper operation. Adhering to the recommendations and instructions of the issuing company, you can protect household appliances from premature failure and breakdowns.


General information about the maintenance of water heaters

After purchasing a water heater, the device must be checked every year, according to the requirements of the standard warranty. The service includes such tasks as: diagnostics, preventive cleaning, small repairs.

The maintenance should be carried out by a specialist. Performing activities on their own, you risk to lose the warranty. Service master makes the following operations:

  • Replacement of the magnesium anode;
  • Setting the temperature of the water supplied;
  • Cleaning the heating element, flange and tank (including from the inside) from scale and dirt;
  • Analysis of the state of the tank, gasket, heater, flange, the electrical part of the device;
  • Checking the tightness of the mounting areas of elements and electrical units, as well as connections at the points of connection with the water supply system;
  • Removal of dirt from all parts of the equipment.

After maintenance, the master must put appropriate mark in the warranty card.

The removal of equipment is usually not required for service. All the actions can be done at home.

However, there are exceptions. For example, cleaning of indirect heating boilers (due to the narrow openings of the flanges that require the use of a special tool) should be performed in specialized centers.

How often is needed the service?

The required minimum is once a year. However, according to experts, you should ask for it more often: before and after the end of the heating season.

Typical features of service

The manufacturer’s instructions include all maintenance requirements for your specific water heater. If it’s gas device, for its work you should contact the staff of the relevant service.

Electric heaters can be served by your own hands. But only in case if it’s mentioned in the instruction. Not by all manufacturers is allowed independent maintenance.

Pay attention! Most of the manufacturing companies insist that the installation, first start-up, replacement of parts and periodic maintenance of the device must be performed by its representative. He must put a guarantee mark in the coupon, and assure it with stamp. Otherwise, the purchaser of the heater will lose the right on warranty repair.

About service of tank models

It is recommended to maintain storage water heaters once a year. To contact the employees of specialized companies or perform the procedures on their own, you should decide with regard to the recommendations of the manufacturer. We have already said that own repair attempts may result in loss of warranty.

Annual maintenance of household appliances:

  • checking the magnesium anode and its replacement in case of damage;
  • removal of scale and sediment from the cavity of the water collection tank;
  • descaling of the heating element.

Before start, the heater must be switched off and disconnected from the mains. If your water contains an impressive amount of impurities, sediment removal and filter replacement should be carried out more often than once a year. In addition, magnesium anode may be broken faster.

If the storage water heater is located on a country site, and in winter you are not going to use it, the water must be drained from the tank. Before this, do not forget to disconnect the device.

About service of tankless devices

The maintenance of water flow heaters must be done when there is a need. In the process of equipment use, you will understand when the need for service will occur.

So, with the appearance of scale and a noticeable weakening of the water pressure, it is necessary to clean such parts of the device as:

  • aerator in the tap hole;
  • tab in the shower head (if the heater has it);
    coarse filter or mesh filter element.

Before removing the filters and starting the cleaning procedure, the equipment should be disconnected from the power supply. Removing the coarse filter from a boiler, that is not disconnected from electricity, is rather dangerous.

Maintenance features of electric water heaters

There is need in periodic maintenance of the heating element of electrical equipment:

  • at least once every six months, pour all the water out of the tank;
  • get a heating element from the case and check its condition.

If there is a scale, there is need in cleaning,

If the magnesium anode has dissolved on the heating element, the part must be replaced. If the element is not dissolved, the replacement must be carried out annually.

If the water hardness is high, there is need in more frequent upgrade of the magnesium anode.

Service features of gas water heaters

In-between the plates of the heat exchanger may be accumulated dust and soot. It’s really a problem for the normal heating of the water. If you know how a gas column is arranged, then you can try to remove the contaminants yourself. In all other cases, it is recommended to ask help from specialists.

Service of gas columns, as a rule, include such procedures, as lubrication of moving elements, thermal relay performance analysis, checking water and gas systems for tightness, updating seals in these systems, cleaning and flushing the heat exchanger tubes from the scale and removing soot from the heat exchanger, cleaning the burner and her candles.

A few words about the care of technology

In common, water heaters are easy in use and care household appliances. It is just necessary to remove dust and dirt from time to time from the surface of the device. For this purpose, must be used sponge soaked in a saline solution or a soft cloth.

For both tank and tankless appliances detergent compositions can’t be used. A coarse filter needs to be replaced and cleaned periodically.