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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Today there are used a lot of technologies for heat and heating. And each of them is able to provide the user not only with its distinctive characteristics, but also with a number of undoubted advantages. Of course, the progress does not stand still, and there are many new ways to get energy.

Water heaters, which are supplemented with special heat pumps, are becoming increasingly popular. These are rather reliable and technological devices with high efficiency. But what is the principle of their functioning? What are the advantages of equipment and what are the disadvantages? Let’s have a look at each of these questions in a bit more detailed way.

Water heater with heat pump and its characteristic features

The operation principle of such type is simple, but very effective. It is based on a process that is completely opposite to the principle of operation of refrigeration systems. Through a special compressor, the heat pump extracts air from the surrounding space. Then it enters the water through a heat exchange circuit. Water is heated, and then the cold air comes out.

Water heater with a heat pump can be used on objects of various types and purposes. Its environmental friendliness makes it possible to install equipment in residential and commercial premises, in administrative, educational and medical establishments, as well as in hotels, sports complexes and other facilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

There are many undoubted benefits and advantages in this technology. First of all, let’s look at the advantages. The most attention is deserved by such of them:

Profitability. The amount of consumed energy is insignificant, and its cost is not significant for the budget;
Environmental friendliness. The technology is absolutely safe not only for a person, but also for the whole surrounding space;
Reliability. With proper exploitation, the period of operation of the system can be 15 years or more;
Comfort. Control of the unit does not make the least effort, and weather conditions do not affect its operation;
Flexibility. For each object you can quickly adjust the most optimal parameters of power and operation;
Efficiency. A high efficiency indicator makes the use of such a device the most expedient and cost-effective.
But there are still disadvantages. Such equipment is not cheap. And installation services will cost a lot. So, there is need in a wide range of preparatory work. Some inconvenience can also be caused by noise from a running compressor. But the available advantages fully cover the disadvantages and all the discomfort associated with them.

Water heater with heat pump is an economical and extremely efficient unit. It is universal in use, and it can be installed on a variety of objects without losing the operational and technical indicators.