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Electric water heaters

The water heater is a valuable and useful home appliance. Its presence in the house or apartment provides it with hot water. There are different ways of heating. But electric water heaters are required the most. They are very efficient and practical. But what are the features of this equipment? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let have a look at all these questions and try to answers to them.

Tankless and tank

Electric heaters can have tank or tankless execution format. In the first case we are talking about the unit, which heats the water as it passes through a special tube. It is equipped with a special heating element, and the supply of hot water is not saved.

In tank heaters, cold water flows into a special container. And after that it is heated to the required temperature. The supply of water is replenished as it is consumed, and the heater maintains the temperature inside at a fixed level.

There are also bulk electric heaters and taps of instantaneous water heating. Although they are quite rare. Bulk models are used on objects without a connected water supply system. And heating taps are relevant when it is impossible to install a typical electric heater.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of tankless systems, should be highlighted the following:

compact dimensions;
flexible temperature control system;
rapid heating of water to the desired temperature;
Insignificant level of operating costs;
economic power consumption;
no special requirements for water quality.
But there are disadvantages. The high capacity of the installation makes it problematic to use it in ordinary residential buildings. The system itself can serve only one tap, and the water must constantly go under great pressure. For a high-rise building, this is often a problem. And the heating temperature rarely exceeds 45 – 50 degrees.

For tank modules are typical such advantages:

low price of the equipment itself;
minimum consumption of energy;
a wide range of installation options;
permanent availability of hot water;
maintenance of several points at once;
the level of water pressure does not matter.
Of course there are also minuses. Installation of such equipment is associated with certain difficulties. The tank needs a lot of space, and there may be not enough water in it when it is actively used. The service life of such a water heater is no more than 10 – 15 years, and its maintenance is only possible for highly qualified specialists. And we shouldn’t forget about the heat loss during natural cooling of water.

A variety of electric water heaters allows everyone to easily choose the best option. It is only important to determine your needs and capabilities. Tankless device is quite ok for periodical use. As for intensive use, the tank model will fit in perfectly.